WGM Painting, Inc.

Employs South Florida's best painters to present your space to the next level.

WGM Quality Painting, Inc has been serving South Florida since 2005. We have 25 years of combined experience in the painting industry and have completed numerous projects throughout South Eastern Florida in both residential and commercial. We are a firm believer in dependability, quality and competitive pricing. Our working knowledge of instrumentation and application acquired over the years assures that customer needs are met with the appropriate response along with continued support. Every person in our company knows that they are responsible for providing the best customer satisfaction and service that is available. This is our pledge to you, the customer.

Giving trendy establishments a signature look.

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Most Recent Projects

There are a lot of beautiful establishments and plazas all over our communities in South Florida. We help to clean and rejuvenate plazas, schools, government buildings and more!

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